Music videos

I shot, directed, edited, and did VFX these music videos for Explone.

IMDb Buzz

IMDb Buzz

IMDb Buzz

I worked with the IMDb iOS team to create IMDb Buzz, their first consumer iOS app to focus on celebrity news and photos. My first project using Objective-C via Xcode, Buzz became available in the App Store in fall 2011 for iPhone 4 and 4S.

Lots of fun and I learned a ton! Sadly not available for iPhone 5 or iOS 7.

IMDb Mobile message boards

IMDb HTML5 message boards

I was the lone developer on this project that aimed to bring IMDb’s popular message boards to mobile devices. Being constrained on resources, we devised a plan to write the interface in HTML5. This allowed us to deliver identical experiences to iOS, Android and the mobile website while maintaining the same codebase.